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SafeOpt® is a marketing platform that leverages its network of 175M+ shoppers to receive verified offers from brands partnered with the platform. SafeOpt® campaigns enable brands to send 3-5x more messages to the people who visit a site, show interest, and abandon.

Why SafeOpt®?

SafeOpt® has helped over one thousand brands to email more of their interested shoppers, optimize their website traffic, and increase their websites' revenue. Check out some of the brands SafeOpt® is proud to partner with:

Here are just a few of the reasons why 1,000+ brands love SafeOpt:
  • Permission-based personalization. Improve your personalization efforts with SafeOpt's database to help create that "Wow!" experience for your customers.
  • Reach Incremental Customers. SafeOpt prevents abuse and coupon leakage by matching Unique SafeOpt codes to your CRM
  • Increase Conversions. Grow your revenue by reaching new customers you can't get today.
  • Increase Loyalty. Create engaging experiences for your customers on their terms.
  • ROI Guaranteed. SafeOpt has designed plans to fit the needs of all eCommerce brands, from small businesses to enterprise clients.
  • Brand Collaboration. Join the 1,000+ brands SafeOpt is already working with to improve customer experience and grow revenue
How To Get Started with SafeOpt®:
  1. Book your SafeOpt Demo; you can meet with one of their Account Executives and see how SafeOpt® can work for your brand
  2. Once you are ready to get your SafeOpt® campaign started, all you have to do is install two simple javascript tags to your site's template, theme, or tag manager. The SafeOpt® team can help with this if needed.
  3. After SafeOpt® is set up on your site, all that is left to do is select content for your SafeOpt® email campaign and approve the templates the SafeOpt® team creates for you.
  4. Sit back and let your SafeOpt® campaign drive revenue for your site. You can also easily monitor your campaign performance with an easy-to-use dashboard.
SafeOpt® Reviews:
Check out these SafeOpt reviews to see what clients are saying:

"Customers often have many touchpoints with brands before purchasing. SafeOpt provides us with another tool in our marketing toolbox to reach them during their decision process.We have been extremely pleased with the results from Safe-Opt. They quickly generated enough sales to provide a positive ROI. The customer service is fantastic, with fast responses to our questions. We have been so satisfied we are working on adding more of our clients to the Safe-Opt platform to grow our business."- Chris Cooper, Managing Partner, Thrive OPM.

"We're very happy with SafeOpt's amazing customer service. They are very quick to respond, set up new campaigns and make any edits necessary. SafeOpt is always making sure customers are happy."- Aleksandra Cepulska, Digital and Affiliate Marketing Expert.

"Since implementing SafeOpt®, we have seen an increase in revenue and first-party data. We have also been able to increase our subscriber list and create more happy shoppers that perhaps wouldn't have been able to engage with us otherwise."- Jason Evans, Co-Founder, Tweedle Farms.

SafeOpt + Minty + AddShoppers

AddShoppers was founded in 2011 by two people with a passion for marketing. The idea was to bring merchants and shoppers together for a seamless shopping experience. AddShoppers has since launched two main products, including SafeOpt and Minty. Both products connect shoppers with their favorite brands, helping them save time and money. Are you interested in becoming a partner with SafeOpt or Minty? Reach out to us with the link below and see how SafeOpt and Minty can help you connect with more of your shoppers.

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